We’ve put together a list of the most frequently asked questions we’ve received over the years, please contact us if you have a question that’s not listed.

Unfortunately not, we only offer remapping from our site in Ystrad Mynach, this ensures we’re providing you with the best possible customer service.

The short answer is no, we won’t remap a vehicle that is more than ten years old or has covered more than 100,000 miles, that’s not to say a vehicle of that age or condition in inherently unreliable, but it is a reality that as an engine gets older with higher use, opportunities for problems to arise become more likely. 

Modern vehicles are fitted with an ECU (Engine Control Unit), this is essentially a computer that reads real time information from various sensors and responds accordingly by adjusting air fuel ratio, ignition timing, torque requests, boost pressure and so on, the operation of your vehicles ECU including how it responds to the various inputs is controlled by software developed by the vehicle manufacturer, this is where remapping comes in.

By remapping your vehicle, we’re essentially modifying the ECU’s software with the aim of improving the vehicles overall performance or economy, this is achieved by optimising various parameters (air fuel ratio, boost pressure etc), it’s important to remember that not all ECU calibrations are the same, this is why you’ll see variation in pricing, power estimates and features from one company to another, ultimately what you’re paying for is the knowledge and experience of the company that’s remapping your vehicle.

We’ll begin by taking your vehicle on a test drive, this allows us to assess how your vehicle currently performs and identify any obvious underlying faults, the next step is to use one of our tuning tools (bFlash or CMD) to read the data from your vehicles ECU, there are two methods of completing this procedure, either using the vehicles OBD port or by removing the ECU from the vehicle (this is known as bench tuning).

Once we’ve read the data from your vehicles ECU, we’ll store a backup copy in case you ever wish to return your vehicle to it’s original calibration before proceeding to make the necessary software adjustments, the end result is a modified ECU calibration, the next step is to write this modified file to your vehicles ECU, once complete we’ll complete further testing to ensure your vehicle is performing as expected.

The short answer is no, if your vehicle has a pre-existing fault the last thing you should be thinking about it getting it remapped.

There are some basic checks you should complete prior to your remapping appointment, you’ll find more information about these checks and other tips by visiting our Pre-Tuning Advice page.

As a general rule, remapping takes approximately 3-4 hours but this can vary dependent on the type of vehicle and whether or not it has any modifications.

Yes, we offer interest free finance from Payment Assist, you can spread the cost of our remapping packages over three months paying just 25% on the day to set up the plan, you can find more information about Payment Assist here.

If your vehicle is stock and you’re just having a performance or economy remap, you can continue to service your vehicle according to the manufacturers servicing schedule.

Yes, if we’ve remapped your vehicle then we retain the ability to remove our software.

Yes, a remap is a modification and as such you should tell your insurer.

It depends on your vehicle type, if you have a turbo diesel car you may benefit from an MPG increase of up to 10% with our performance software, if you have a business vehicle our economy software may be more suitable as we can use a combination of speed and RPM limits together with torque optimisation to improve fuel economy by up to 20%.

All our software has been extensively developed to remain within operational limits of your vehicles engine and drivetrain but you should always consider the age and condition of your vehicle.

By remapping your vehicle, we’re essentially asking the engine to work a little harder, providing your vehicle is mechanically sound with no underlying faults or weaknesses, a remap should not cause any harm, however, if your vehicle has high mileage or hasn’t been properly maintained, some components may be approaching the end of their serviceable life, please contact us if you have any concerns.

Yes, should you return your vehicle to a main dealer once it’s been remapped, the improved performance will be noticeable and some manufacturers have developed diagnostic tools that detect modified ECU & TCU software.

Unfortunately we’re not in a position to offer you legal advice, as such you should consult the terms and conditions of your warranty.

No problem, just contact us and we’ll be more than happy to assist.