IGT-REMAPPING is a software brand developed by Indigo-GT, we offer software for approximately 90% of modern diesel and petrol vehicles which is available exclusively from us at Ystrad Service Centre Ltd, whether you have a turbo diesel Skoda Fabia that’s in need of a little more fuel economy or a BMW M5 and want more power, we have the software to meet your expectations. On this page you’ll find more information about Indigo-GT including reasons to choose their software and tips to help you differentiate between professional tuners and amateurs.


When Indigo-GT began remapping cars the company was one of just a handful of companies in South Wales offering remapping, initially Indigo-GT focused on tuning performance Japanese cars and supporting a number of aftermarket ECU’s, in the years that followed having developed professional relationships with some of the biggest tuning companies in the UK, Indigo-GT was able to offer software for a wide range of cars and vans from other manufacturers, including popular European brands which is now available from us.

Unfortunately the remapping industry isn’t regulated, that means it’s almost impossible for a customer to differentiate between a professional tuning company with years of experience and an inexperienced amateur that’s just using cheap poor quality files, the fact is an Instagram profile can make anyone look great whether they’re competent or not.

There are plenty of horror stories out there of experiences with bad tuners, within the last few years we had to replace an ECU in customers VW Transporter after it was damage beyond repair by an amateur tuner, in that instance the tuner responsible operated a mobile service only and with no business address and just a mobile phone number, the customer couldn’t take any action against the tuner and had to pay the £1500 repair bill themselves, the lesson here is always conduct due diligence and be mindful of cheap prices and companies that aren’t properly registered or insured.

By entrusting us to remap your vehicle you can expect the following;

We know how good our software is but if you’re not happy with the outcome of a remap from us, just return your vehicle to us within seven days, we’ll remove our tune and refund the cost of our software.

You can spread the cost of our remapping packages over three months with no interest, no fees and no credit check (under £1000).

Although we develop software in house, our professional relationships allow us to source software for certain makes and models from a number of specialist software providers, the companies we partner with are market leaders in their fields granting us a huge advantage over our local competitors.

We aren’t only a remapping company, we operate a fully equipped workshop with a team of highly qualified technicians and we’ve participated in motorsport at various levels, we’re able to draw upon this wide range of knowledge and experience to your benefit.

You may be thinking it’s a given that a tuning company would be correctly registered and insured but it’s not, liability insurance for companies that offer remapping is expensive, many of the amateur ‘tuners’ that have popped up over the past few years are neither registered companies nor properly insured, that means if something goes wrong you’re going to be left carrying the can, something you don’t have to worry about by choosing us.

One last reason to choose us, when it comes to remapping your vehicle we’ll never claim to give you the highest bhp gains, that may sound surprising but our experience has taught us that long term reliability is just as important as performance. When we tune your vehicle we want you to be able enjoy the benefits of our software for years to come, we’re not going to risk overspeeding your turbo which means it will fail in a few short months just because a competitor claims 10bhp more than us.