We’ve created this page to provide customers that have already booked a remapping appointment (or are considering doing so) with some useful pre-tuning tips and advice, please contact us if you have any questions.


– check your vehicles engine oil and coolant level, topping them up if required.

– check the pressure and condition of your tyres, if they aren’t road legal we won’t be able to test drive your vehicle or run it on our dyno (if you’ve booked power runs) which means we’ll be unable to remap your vehicle.

– use fuel of the correct grade, this point applies to high performance petrol vehicles, unleaded fuel octane ratings are important and will effect not only how we tune your vehicle but the overall performance.

– let us know in advance about any engine or exhaust modifications your vehicle has, you’d be surprised how often customers show up having booked a basic stage 1 remap and then reel off a list of hardware modifications, if you haven’t told us in advance we may not be able to remap your vehicle.


– ignore any engine management lights or potential faults with your vehicle, you know your vehicle better than us, you know how it drives, you know how it feels. If you’ve noticed something isn’t quite right with your vehicle, let us know prior to your booking, if there’s an issue bubbling away under the surface, a remap will likely make it worse and in any case, if we encounter a problem, we’ll be unable to remap your vehicle – a remap is NOT a repair.

– get caught up chasing dyno figures, the power estimates that we quote are realistic but every engine is different, if you’ve booked dyno power runs with your remap then you need to understand that some vehicles will see gains a little higher than we estimate, others will see a little less, what’s important is how your vehicle feels and responds on the road.

– turn up with low fuel, if we have to stop half way through remapping your vehicle to fill the tank, we’re going charge you for the privilege, something you can avoid by leaving home a little earlier, our nearest fuel station is Tesco in Ystrad Mynach.

– be afraid to ask us any questions, if you’re uncertain about any part of the remapping process or forgot to ask us something when you booked in, we’re always happy to assist.